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Budded Artists from our Institution

Sibi Sudarshan

Sibi Sudarsan joined Kalakshetra and completed his post-graduation. He is also a permanent faculty member of the Kalakshetra and a member of the Kalakshetra repertory company. He handled many major roles in Bharathanatyam Dance Dramas of Kalakshetra. He has worked with many leading choreographers as a freelancer and has given many performances in India and abroad. Sibi performed his solo recitals in the major Sabhas like 'Musical Academy' and 'Krishna Ganasabha', Chennai, with great critics of the Art world. He also takes part in the prestigious Ananya Festival, Red Fort, New Delhi. A unique form of Bharathanatyam performed by him as part of the farewell ceremony of the Hon President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Sibi Performed with the famous dancer Ananda Shankar Jayanth and with her troupe, Major performances were Dharani Festival, (Kochi ) TagoreTheatre, Trivandrum, Kannur Mahotsavam.,Narration and Nritta found a fine balance in 'Thiruvilaiyadal', Choreographed by Ambika Buch, he performs Kathakali all over the India with a great manner, and performed in the Goa Film Festival also.

Sibi Sudarshan Sibi Sudarshan


Jayakrishnan, Graduated from S.N College, Kollam (Kerala) and received a Masters from Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts. He pursued Diploma and Post diploma in Bharathanatyam from Kalakshetra, Chennai, an institute of fine arts which achieved national and international recognition for its unique style and perfection. He is an active performer in most of the Kalakshetra productions and has performed many roles. He has travelled around India and abroad with the different productions of renowned artists like Sri. C. V. Chandrashekar, Sri. Sheejith Krishna, Sri. Sheejith Nambiar, Smt. Leela Samson, Smt. Parvathi Ravighantasala, Smt. Revathi Ramachandran and won laurels. He had performed in different festivals like Natyanjali Festival-Chidambaram, Konark Festival- Orissa, Anannya Festival-Delhi, Rangoli Festival-Delhi, etc. At Present he has been working as a Faculty in Kalakshetra. He achieved the NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD in the field of Dance and Music by the Ministry of Culture and selected to perform in the various Sabhas by THE IYAL ISAI NATAKA MANDRAM, Government of Tamilnadu.

K.M.Jayakrishnan K.M.Jayakrishnan

Arun Sankar

Arun Sankar is an alumnus of Kalakshetra, Chennai, the renowned institution founded by smut. Rukmini Devi Arundale. After completing his post-graduation, Arun went on to become the youngest faculty in the history of Kalakshetra.

A recognized dancer and choreographer, he has worked in collaboration with the Menaka Thakkar Dance Company (Canada), Manasamitra (UK), Srishti Dance Creations (UK), Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society (Singapore), Alapana (Singapore) and Art of Living Foundation (India). He has choreographed Bharathanatyam works for Rithu Dance Festival (Canada), Noopura Festival (Bangalore), Dockland Festival (UK), Light Night Show (UK) and was conferred the 'T S Parthasarathy Award' by the Madras Music Academy in 2007. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Central Government scholarship for Arts/Dance constituted by the Government of India.

Arun Sankar Arun Sankar

Sreenath. K. R

Sreenath, Alma mater of Kalakshetra, Chennai, the renowned institution founded by Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale. After completing his post-graduation, Awarded as 'B' grade Artist of Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai. As a performer he handled so many major roles in Kalakshetra dance dramas. He has been travelling all over India and abroad along with Kalakshetra troupe and, many Dance Companies in Chennai. Sreenath pursued the prestigious Central Government scholarship for Arts/Dance constituted by the Indian Ministry of Culture.

Sreenath. K. R

Our Major Productions

Shanthi Santhesham

"Dance is a visual music" Bharathanatyam is a dance of gesture. Here in this production based on compositions of Subramanya Bharathyar ( one of the greatest freedom fighter and Tamil poets of South India who had composed many songs which praise women, children, nature and everything ) is presented as a group production. And about women he talks of the patriotism, the religion, the liberal attitude and all about love.

"Shanthi Santhesham" is an attempt of Guru G. Sanil Kumar, to bring out the greatness of Subramanya Bharathyar's genius by giving his verses a visual dimension. This production is a creative tapestry of various hues and moods of Bharathyar's lyrics of liberation, patriotism, religious and cultural sentiments, forces of nature and love in Bharathanatyam format by blending with the famous "Parukkullae Nalla Nadu, Shanthi Nilave Veendum."

Parijatha Pushpapaharanam (a Kuchipudi dance ballet)

In this delightful production Guru G. Sanil Kumar picturises a different hue in music and situation from the traditional Kuchipudi dance dramas. This visual treat has received enormous appreciations from the art world, "Madhana Gopala San Manatha Sheela" Bhama-she is the most pampered wife among Krishna's eight wives and she is envious of Rukmini, Mukunda's most devoted consort. The celestial sage ( Parijatha pushpam ), Narada creates a delicate situation for the Lokathipahi Mahavishnu.

Durga Vijayam (a Bharathanatyam dance drama)

Sree Durga Devi represents the power of the supreme. She preserves moral order and righteousness in the creation. This dance drama enlighten us as Durga; the divine mother protecting mankind from the devils ( the asura kings/demon-kings ) like Mahishasura, Rakthabeejasura etc. she destroys even the evil forces such as selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger and ego which are the instinctual negative energies in man. The dance drama "Durga Vijayam" concludes by revealing the power of Mahishasura Mardhi

Mukuntha Leela

This production reveals the mystery and ecstasy of life lies hidden in this unio mystica. In Mukunda Leela, the divine celebrations which Sri Krishna played with gopis on the banks of river Yamuna in Vrindavana. "Radha", was closest to Lord among all the gopis. Her divine love for Krishna was complete in its purest form. "Kaliya mardhanam" and "Govardhanodharanam" are followed in this Krishna leela, the deeds of Krishna.

Ravanasura Bhakthi (a kuchipudi dance ballet)

Ravanasura bhakthi, a Kuchipudi dance drama which portrays the extravagant bhakthi of 'Ravana', the demon who was well known for his mighty power. He was a faithful devotee of Lord Shiva. Once proud Ravana conquered the entire Bharatha region and approached Mount Kailas where Lord Shiva resides with his consorts, Goddess Parvathy. Nandhi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva refused to let Ravana in enraged. Ravana attempts to pull the mountain itself from its root. Lord Shiva annoyed by Ravanas arrogance, presses his toe firm on Kailas. Now Ravana gets crushed by the weight of the mountain. Ravana understands Lord Shiva's gesture and message to him by playing veena and singing Sama Veda, the great stotra composed by him. Pleased Lord Shiva blesses Ravana.

Pootha Pattu

The great malayalam poet Edasseri Govindan Nair's poetry 'Pootha Pattu' in mohiniyattam hue......

Ardhanari Thandavam

A piece from Kuchipudi Bhagavathamela Sambrathayam.....

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